Joel Farrell and Mike Swaleh made my refinance as painless as possible. They were very responsive every time I had questions, and got me the best deal I could have hoped for. I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing a loan.
– Lauren Q.

I cannot say enough good things about Bill Shillington and his team. He was both professional and attentive to my many questions, as this was my first time refinancing and I am not in the business field. He was patient with me and made me feel that my questions were not dumb. I learned a lot through the process and felt he cared about doing the best refinancing deal he could do for me. I highly recommend him to anyone interested in buying a home or refinancing. He also really likes helping veterans, and as a therapist who works with veterans, that is a huge plus in my book.
– Sarah S.

As a first-time homeowner, I was extremely anxious and fearful of being taken advantage of, but this team was a godsend! They were very patient and answered every question, often more than once, and explained all of my options in great detail and in a way that made it easy for me to understand. Everyone on Joel Farrell’s team was very professional and helpful and the best part is that even after I closed, they continued to check on me to see if I was okay! If I’m ever again in need of a home loan or refinancing, I’m definitely calling Joel!
– Valerie W.

Joel Farrell is a rare breed in this or any business. I first got to know him in 2013, when I responded to one of those “refinance your VA loan now!” letters. . . . Upon responding, I was given unusually superior service, you could say “hand-holding,” by Joel’s team, all the way through the process. For example, my wife decided she wanted a narrative summary of the HUD-1 statement. Who ever heard of that, right? But I worked with Joel to get this done, going back-and-forth with him over a bunch of drafts. It ultimately came out to a page and a half of text. How many other mortgage bankers would take on that kind of “homework” to make their customer happy? I remember our original banker when we first bought the house – nice guy, but he had after-hours family commitments, etc., and hardly picked up the phone even when he was at work; maybe you could get through to his assistant by email. But Joel is clearly something else. More recently, just a few months ago, I thought I was being ripped off on the escrow payments (and the bank couldn’t give me a coherent explanation over the phone), so I got back in touch with Joel. Even though he had moved on to another employer, and we hadn’t communicated in over a year and a half, not only did he remember me, but he offered to look through my mortgage statements and HUD-1 (also looking up my tax rate and assessment) to find out what was going on. He then figured out that the bills were legit, but the bank had not raised my payments on time, so I was playing over a year of catch-up with the escrow – this, despite the fact that he was already working somewhere else and had no obligation to go through the trouble! Shortly after that, my wife and I decided we wanted to buy another property. We had questions about different types of loans, rates, etc., and I started calling Joel at all hours (even evenings or weekends) or even texting him one time at 11pm on a Friday, expecting that he would read it the next day – but he actually responded within a few minutes! Where can you find someone like this? He is at your beck and call, always ready to “run the numbers” for you at a moment’s notice. At the same time, he is not pushy and doesn’t make you feel guilty for taking his time, even if you don’t immediately (or ever) proceed with a loan. This guy is a class act, and he knows his stuff. You could search a long time for anyone that even approaches him in terms of quality of service. Oh and another plus: It doesn’t matter where you are geographically. If you are a veteran, he will work with you. I’ve never even met him, but I certainly got better service with the refinance than I did from the local banker when we first bought the house.
– Jacob D.

Bill Shillington did a wonderful job helping us with our loan. We were under a lot of time pressure and in a difficult climate to find appraisers. He worked his magic to get us closed on time at an amazing rate! Very responsive and knowledgeable!
– Jamey W.

From the moment I called Joel Farrell’s team, I felt a sense of honesty. He has always explained things very well. He will go over and over it if you are having trouble understanding any part of the loan process. I look to Joel to provide me with honest and reliable information, and have never been disappointed. This was important to me since I was a first-time homebuyer and will certainly call Joel again in the future.
– Tina S.

We recently closed on a refinance through this team. Mike, Joel, Jordan and team were very easy to do business with. This was our fourth mortgage closing in the past 13 years and was definitely the easiest experience. Thank you all for guiding us through the process and ultimately saving us hundreds of dollars on our monthly mortgage payment!
– Nicole B.

I am a previous homeowner and I was told up front that the process has changed a lot since I bought my other house. Joel Farrell and his team helped my husband and me get through the complicated process of buying our home a few months ago. The process is certainly different and it requires a lot out of you. Joel was good at explaining things and he was always available for questions. I have already recommended him to some of my co-workers.
– Amanda S.

Joel Farrell was absolutely fantastic throughout the entire process of my wife and me purchasing our home. It was our first time through the whole process, and they helped explain every aspect of it. We had numerous people tell us how fun it would be to go through everything and buy a home, but what they don’t tell you is the amount of stress that comes with it. Joel’s team was the reason that we had very little stress. There was a constant line of communication that we could ask questions or get his opinion. He was seemingly available at all hours of the day and night, which was extremely helpful with our schedule. He would agree to meet with us away from his office just so that it would be more convenient for us. When it came down to the last couple of days before closing, Joel was constantly working on improving our interest rate and getting our monthly payments down. We had to push back our closing date one day because he was able to lower our interest rate by a full percentage point. In the beginning of the home buying process, it can seem like nobody is in your corner. It can seem like everybody is trying to get the most money out of you, but not with Joel. Joel was the one person we dealt with that we genuinely trusted with our future. I wouldn’t just recommend having Joel as a lender, I would strongly insist on it.
– Mike H.

Joel Farrell has been my go-to [lender] now for three homes – one in northern Virginia and two in Texas. On our place in Virginia, the selling agent called him to find out what the story was and ended up refinancing his home for the lowest rate he’d heard of in years. The title company rep here in Texas said Joel and his company were the best they’ve worked with yet. I told them that’s Midwest American attitude – honest, hardworking and responsible. Can’t say enough good things!
– Michael D.